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This Week in Games (July 27th - 31st, 2009)

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iGoops said...
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I got to the last level on Ninjatown at the beginning of the week. I replayed it thirty times before I gave up. I hate games with impossibly hard last levels! The game up until that point was incredibly fun to me, but that last level.. ugh. I still recommend it if you enjoy tower defense games, though.

This week I will be getting Princess Debut and Rhythm Heaven in the mail. I'm sure you guys could care less about Princess Debut, so I'll make sure to play Rhythm Heaven as often in order to update you guys about it. :P

In other news, I have been religiously updating my Tumblr (http://goops.tumblr.com) with nerdy pictures, mostly relating to video games, so I thought it would be good to link it here for you guys to check out. :) I have posted some concept art from Disney about a new game they're working on, as well as a few Comic Con cosplays and the Mass Effect 2 boxart.

Anyways, have a nice weekend and happy gaming!

Ninjatown (DS)

Genre/Style: Strategy/2D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 28/OCT/08
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